Give your invitations extraordinary character and sophistication through special print processes.
Here are just some of the most popular print processes we can do for you.


A traditional printing method (the oldest method dating back as the first Gutenberg press) in which a surface with raised letters is inked and pressed to the surface of the paper, giving greater visual and tactile definition to the texts and design.

How it’s made:

Using metal plates, designs are pressed onto paper with ink to make impressions

Blind Embossing

The process of creating a three- dimensional image or design without color in paper and other materials. It is also called dry embossing / debossing because of the absence of ink.

How it’s made:

Using metal plates, designs are pressed/raised onto paper without ink to make impressions based on the design

Foil Stamping

Adds an air of lavishness or provides greater emphasis with the use of shiny, matte, and holographic foils. Should be used thoughtfully.

How it’s made:

Foil is applied to paper using heated metal plates.