Magazine Debut Invitation by Printsonalities

Hot off the Press: The Grand Debuts of the Serranillas

Every girl wants to be on the cover of their favorite magazine. For your special day, we say: go for it!

If it’s true that first impressions last, then, The Serranilla sisters certainly gave the best impressions with their unique debut invitations. Both Zian and Lian are achievers and passionate individuals and through their birthday celebrations, they gave the world a taste of what they bring to the table.

Fulfilling this dream, Zian Serranilla was on the cover of her own magazine debut invitation! It features every bit of her personality and lifestyle–her appreciation for fashion, her favorite things, her loving family and everything that means anything to her. It perfectly suits someone like Zian who’s bursting with so much energy and so much youth. The whole magazine invitation stays true to Zian’s theme with a vintage glam design highlighting the stunning photos of the debutant in 50s fashion.

Magazine Debut Invitation by Printsonalities

Zian coming out into the world as a lady with a 50s themed magazine

A year later, another Serranilla princess turned 18 and we couldn’t have been happier to make another girl’s dream come true with an out of the box debut invitation. She wanted a similar concept but wanting something uniquely her. So, Lian Serranilla, graced the front page of the “Serranilla Bugle”, her newsletter debut invitation.

If these publications hit the stands they would have given everyone a run for their money!

For special invites like these, there’s so much room for creativity! But it can be a little overwhelming to think about the content to fill in the pages, a theme, knowing where to put what and what etc. Organization and planning goes a long way, but when everything falls into place, a magazine invite is a treasure you’ll carry throughout your life.

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